Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I like quiet time... and the patience of my husband.

So I work full time at a job that really is 40-60 hrs/wk, I just started grad school, just closed on the purchase of a new home (my husband's and my first!), and am preparing to move my dad who has dementia in with my husband and me.  Also, my husband has major issues with his back and has been getting different back procedures for the last year.  And I take my dad to all of his medical appointments - and at 82, he has a lot.  My husband and I only  have 1 car (it's what we can afford at this time).  Life is incredibly hectic.

Looking back I see that my last likeable stuff blog was 2 weeks ago!  How is that even possible?  Really?!  Two weeks?  I'm pretty sure that it was, like, 5 days ago.  Seriously.

So, after seeing that, and sitting here exhausted, but not quite ready to go to bed yet, it occurs to me that it's because I'm enjoying the quiet time.  These few precious moments that I steal - mostly from my husband, who has the patience to endure my insanity of some kind of super-patient person.  He is truly awesome.  I like quiet time.  I love my husband.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Like the Comedy of Eddie Izzard

Well, the title of the post pretty much says it all:  I Like the Comedy of Eddie Izzard.  Each time I see a stand-up routine by him, I just hoot!  Okay, so I don't always understand everything that he's saying (I'm not quite as worldly as all that), but I get most of it, and it's pretty darn funny.  Check him out.