Monday, December 25, 2023

I like these cookies so-ho-ho much!

Finally found my favorite cookies at the local Kroger store (Fred Meyer).  YAY!

Pepperidge Farms' Brussels Mint cookies used to be available all year 'round, but somewhere in the late 2000s (or early 201x's), they discontinued it.  My favorite cookie. Gone!  

I was thrilled some 5 or so years ago when it returned as a seasonal cookie.  But then...

It seemed to disappear for another year, two, maybe more.  All I know is it seems like it's been a few years since I last saw them, but yesterday at a quick stop in to the grocery store...
Hooray! A Christmas miracle!  My favorite cookie was back this season!  I  had to buy a few extra. I'll treasure them throughout 2024 (and I may go see if they're still there tomorrow to buy more to stock up so I don't have to be as careful about making them last).

Merry Holiday!