Tuesday, March 30, 2021

I love the Green outdoors!

It's been awhile and a LOT has happened since I last wrote.  We changed our puppy adoption to a foster (long story), then returned him to the rescue after we gave him loads of love, play, and a little training - along with all his shots and neuter.  And he found a forever home!  He'll always be my puppy baby though.

Since then, we adopted a goofy, sweet, and seriously neurotic Chihuahua girl, and she's been with us for 2 years now.

In 2019, we moved from the desert back to the Green.  Finally!  I have loved every minute of living in this climate again!  It also kept me sane (ish) through 2020 LOL!  But 2020, the bastard,  kept us unable to go out camping, hiking, to the beach, and generally enjoy the outdoors like we had planned.  But at least I can look out my window and see trees, and step outside and smell fress. cool, pine-y air, sweet grass, and flora with that beautiful silvery overcast sky like a soft blanket protecting and shielding us from the harsh sun. Everywhere I look, color abounds, and when the sky us occasionally blue, every plant gives a show rejoicing - it's novel to actually enjoy the sun instead of rue it!  I love this place.  It owns my heart.

And so, here we are in a nearly empty apartment, getting ready to move back to the desert.  I'm excited about why (new job), but not so much about where.

So today, my last day here, I'm just going to commune with nature a bit (although it's freezing out haha), so I can take that Green, securely stowed away in my memories, locked in my heart, with me.
(Pics taken from my little porch.)