Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Like Homemade Tardises (Tardi??) with old-school video games inside! YESSSS!!!

I so wish that I could do stuff like this, but I do not have the shop skills (and I never liked shop class, either), nor do I have the electronic skills (although I'd really like to learn more about that), and I really don't have the time.  But this kind of stuff is so damn cool, and of course being a huge sci-fi geek, I love Dr. Who, and I've always had a crush on the Tardis - it's alive, you know...


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I like my house.

Yup, I like my house.  I don't spend nearly enough time in it, but I like it. We bought a little 2 bedroom condo in January 2012.  After paint, new carpet, new window blinds and new kitchen countertop, it's definitely home!  I LOVE the paint color on the walls in the living room:  It's biscuit.  It looks a little tan or peachy in my computer monitor, but it's actually a mellow rich gold/deep ivory color, like French vanilla, that looks like inviting, comfortable, sunny and bright.  Paired with white crown moulding and 9 ft ceilings in swiss coffee and - it's home!  Hubster picked out the biscuit color (I picked out a cheesecake yellow for the bedroom and meh, I would have liked biscuit better!).  He is awesome and he makes it home, too. He can read my mind!  Seriously. This is the exact color I wanted!