Sunday, January 13, 2019

I Like My Puppy!

We recently adopted a puppy from a local rescue group. This has reminded us that the word puppy is also a verb!

(Our very sweet and absolutely perfect Peppy boy I wrote about adopting some years ago died last November from old age - we think 18 years old-ish - congestive heart failure.  We will love him forever!)

This guy is Rigby! (His name always has an exclamation point at the end.)  We had his DNA tested.  You can clearly see that he's mostly Australian Cattle Dog (43%) (aka Blue Heeler), but he's also got some German Shepherd Dog (12%), Labrador Retriever (11%), Collie (7%), Cocker Spaniel (6)%, Chow Chow (3%) and 18% Other (we think maybe pirahna).

He's adorable and smart - and an absolute monster (who is super sweet - when he's sleeping)!  Overall, though, he's a Good Boy (when he's not throwing bitey temper tantrums because he's sleepy).  I like him. #puppylove 😍

This is him at 10 weeks.
This is him at 12 weeks. It's amazing how quickly he's growing and his colors are darkening up just as expected (#heelerthing).

And here he is at 14 weeks. One ear is trying to pop up - they might both stand up at some point (Heeler, Shepherd?) - or not (Lab, Collie, Cocker?).  They are rounded and super furry, silky soft!