Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Really Like My New Shoes!

Last week I ordered a pair of Clarks Lexi Sycamore Slides in Brown, Size 7, from  They are totally awesome!  And kudos to Macy's where I tried them on, but they didn't have brown in stock and they didn't even have the model of shoe available online - so, hey, had to go to  So, sorry Macy's, but I did buy 4 new pairs of shoes from in-store as retail therapy for my pain and stress (see my Cat and Dog blog, if curious about that), so I don't feel too bad. :-)  Anyway, the shoes!

Photo from

As you can see, they are cute.  Yeah, okay, so the picture only shows one shoe, but there are two in the pair.  Really.  And the other one's for the other foot, even!  So, even though the picture shows just one shoe, I actually got two shoes -- one for each foot.  But what a deal!  Two shoes for the price of one shoe!

What you can't see is that they are super lightweight.  They also fit my foot perfectly and I have a wider front of my foot with a high arch and a narrow heel.  Most regular width shoes are too narrow for the majority of my foot, but then when I get wide, my heel slips out of it all the time.  Shoes can be tough for me to find, but I love them anyway.

Plus, as you can see, they have a little bit of height on the bottom.  I'm only a bit over 5' tall.  And I have problems walking in heels.  As in, I wobble and will break my freakin' neck.  But these are almost wedgelike in their height-increasing-ness without looking clunky and like I'm trying too hard.  Not extreme like a wedge, but enough that I notice the lift (almost 2" on the heel and maybe 1" in front making the heel really only about a 1" heel?).  And since it's such a great feature, I'm going to mention again that they're lightweight -- which you can never get with a wedge, so this rocks.

Plus (yes!  another one!)  they're totally cushy.  As in, they're soft on the feet and cradle them, too.  I put my foot into it and it fits like a nice soft, supporting glove; I can wear them all day with no foot fatigue.  These shoes rock and I really like them.  A lot. :-)