Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Like a Breather Between Classes!

It's been awhile since I posted, and my apologies, but I have a good excuse - really.  I started grad school on top of my regular full-time job - right at the time of year that I start with 60 hour work weeks.  I know that I posted recently about how awesome my husband is to continue supporting me in my insanity, so you all out there do already have some foreknowledge of my self-induced plight.

Well, and so here I find myself in the one week break in between courses.  It's wonderful, but I find myself being overrun with catch-up work.  Got the taxes done, get extra hours in at work, got the professional certification exam scheduled, got the upgrade implementation to go-live at work and next on the list is to apply for financial aid for the year now that I got my taxes done.  So, yes, it's awesome to have a week off, now, when can I get a week of for real?!  (A:  oh... when school's really overwith and the catch-up is done, you silly goose - no one to blame but yourself, after all, but boy do I hope I can make piles of money after it's all over with!)

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