Saturday, November 5, 2022

I (Really) Like Coming Home

So we (husband, dog, me) made it 1.5 years living back in the desert.  It was absolutely miserable, alrhough sone things were tolerable. 2020 had nothing on 2021 for challenges. I look back on my March 2021 post and marvel at all that has happened since then, so much we had no idea was going to hit, the least of which was my Mom dying unexpectedly. So many changes. When times were tough, my Mom always said, "Just think of where you'll be a year from now and this will all be over."  I had no idea.

At any rate, while the new job was okay, I had to get a different  job so I could get back to the green. The new job is okay so far, too. It's remote and mostly pays the bills.

So in late September, after starting the new job and saying goodbye to the old job and the cursed desert, we moved back to the green.   After much soul searching (and house searching), we decided to be house-poor for a year to try to heal from the trauma of frequent days over 110 degrees and living in the moonscape that is the Nevada desert *shudder*.  Not being able to leave our apartment and enjoy the outdoors for the last 1.5 years due to the ridiculous storms, dust, pollution, and heat has also caused some serious weight gain for us.  It is time to recover and regain our health!

So we're now happily ensconced in a beach house in the PNW for a year of recovery & zen!  Rent is far too much money and it's costing savings, but sometimes, especially after environmental trauma, you just have to suck it up and treat yourself! (YOLO, you know?)

And so we did.  I do so like coming home!

(Photo: Our living room view of the ocean on a rainy day.)

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