Saturday, December 17, 2011

I like classical guitar.

I was reminded tonight when reading someone's post about acoustic music, that I enjoy classical guitar.

I have this old CD featuring Maria-Luisa Harth-Bedoya (called something like Dos Guitarras, Une Estile - I don't have it right at hand, but I don't think it was ever mass produced) who I met when I worked with her brother, Miguel (an accomplished international conductor), about 14 years ago.  I liked it so much that I had hoped she made more.  I looked her up occasionally for the first few years, but it didn't look like she was doing much; when I had met her, the CD was a first press (I was so fortunate to be able to receive that copy!) and she was caught in the blush of love and a fresh marriage engagement including moving to the East Coast (if I recall correctly) with her new husband.

Well tonight, offhand, with this fresh reminder of classical guitar in my head, I looked her up.  No mention of a husband, but mention of a mass-produced CD and quite a bit of performance.  Good for her and good for us!

Cruising around, I also found this amazing, young, woman - what a talent!  I just sat there with my eyes closed, being taken away.   Very nice!

And lastly, how can I possibly talk about guitar and not bring up Charo, whose musical talent I couldn't even hope to compare to.  She's such a fascinating study to watch:  she's kind of an ADHD trainwreck that somehow is sublimated or mitigated, or both, through her guitar, a fabulous comedienne with a great sense of humor, and one smart cuchi cuchi!  Her face might be showing some age, but I gotta say, I'll never have her talent and I could only hope for even half of her va-voom (I suppose that would be a singular cuchi) by the time I'm 60 (which is the young estimate of her age that she turned in 2011)!  You go, girl!

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