Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Like an Evening Adaptation of a Cafe Borgia. Mmmmm...

Photo:  http://www.cundicoffee.com/
So, I like a Cafe Borgia beverage, but can't find anyone in the Phoenix area who makes one since nice coffeeshops here that aren't Starbucks or outrageously artsy, overly bohemian or utterly pretentious are basically nonexistent.

Don't get me wrong, I like Starbucks, but they don't offer a Cafe Borgia.  For those who don't know, a Borgia is a dark choc mocha with orange zest added in and, provided you can get over the orange zest floaties, it is divine!  And, if you're ever in Eugene, Oregon, you can get a fabulous one (and many other mouthwatering treats) at the Sweet Life Patisserie.  Yum!

Well, I'm slightly breaking my "no adult content" rule in this blog to state that I've recently created a very nice (adult because it has a little bit of booze in it, of course I'm old enough and then some - see my photo below - er... way below...) evening version of this fave morning beverage and instead of orange zest, I'm adding in Cointreau Orange Liqueur (pictured below with Dita Von Teese - if you drink this you'll be all glamorous).

Photo:  http://www.cointreau.us/

Well, maybe not glamorous so much as... zombastic compounded by loquacious (?) (yes, I know I probably don't look loquacious) as shown by my photo of me after having a cuppa Borgia joe goodness at the end of a long day, late at night and writing a wordy, chatty, overly lengthy blog -- and pretty much ready to go to bed.  (I suspect lots of bloggers look like this, actually...):

Anyway, back to the Evening Cafe Borgia...  I don't really measure anything, but just give this recipe a try in various proportions that you think you might like:

- about a half small shot of Cointreau (I'm not tryin' to get drunk, here, I'm just adding flavor, for cryin' out loud!)
- a heaping tsp of cocoa baking powder (yah, the baking stuff that's unsweetened - NOT chocolate milk mix)
- a tsp of sugar
- 1/4 cup non-fat half and half
- 1/4 cup skim milk shaken and then added to the cup to make pretend foam.  This is my last ingredient and I stir it all together
- a cup of decaf coffee (yes, decaf; it is evening after all. I generally do a half tsp Starbuck's instant decaf and about a tsp store brand decaf instant and then fill the rest with hot water)

What's your favorite coffee drink?


Do you like this? What do you like? (Keep it clean, please.)